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Hi- thought I'd share a Teal awareness project for the month of Sept. - I'm tying a teal ribbon on my car's antenna. I'm also making little card-stock symptom info cards that I will attach to ribbons to hand out to friends and family. When I go to the grocery store- I will place a ribbon and info card under the windshield wiper of the car next to me. There are a lot of women (and men) at the store so hopefully I won't get hauled off to jail. I go to the store a lot too. I'd like to put on my card that Activia will not cure symptoms of ovarian cancer! Arrrrgghh...that commercial drives me crazy.

I wear on a chain a small silver awareness ribbon that I 'painted' with teal nail polish. I do get asked many times about my 'blue' ribbon- and then I get to launch :)

Thinking of you all who visit this board, may you have some good moments today, through the night and all the tomorrows yet to come, El

// I have also tied on a blue ribbon for my hubby as Sept. is prostate cancer awareness month too and I didn't want him to feel left out //


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    Teal Ribbon?
    So teal signifies Ovarian Cancer? I learn new things constantantly! Thanks :)
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    I love the slogan! Tie one
    I love the slogan! Tie one one for Ovarian Cancer Awareness!
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    I love the idea too!


    I love the idea too!

    I'm doing the same.