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Hello Ladies,

Prior to my surgery on 8/24 I had written in a few times about my worries and concerns and always recevied support and honest heartfult responses.

Im writing today for 2 reasons, one to document my surgery results and two to provide support and say "Thank You".

On 8/24 I had my surgery for a mass in my pelvic area. When I came out of surgery my husband came over to me with the biggest smile is face could do and said the doctor had good news but the confirmed pathology report wouldnt be received till that Friday. The doctor came to my family and told them she didnt know what I had exactly but she felt strongly that it wasn't cancer, and that the mass had invaded my entire abdominal cavity. Where ever there was an clear spot it was there which meant the surgery was quite extensive. My doctor said the pathology dept was all excited because they dont see this kind of mass too often. It is a Clear Cell Cardio Sarcoma and is benign.

At that moment everything became surreal, like I was watching a movie.

To all of you that are faced with potential Ovarian cancer or any Cancer and for those that fight the battles daily you are all exceptional couragious women that have the strenth of an army and the gentleness of a dove. You have the courage of a Lion when needed but often think of others before yourselves. You are all rare in your own way. I consider myself blessed to have found this web-site and to have corresponded with some of you. I will check in on the web-site periododically to see how my friends are doing.

I will pray for each of you and send strong thoughts to you often. I pray for each of you to fight the battle, to caress your life you have been given and to raise your face up to the sun and feel its warmth as it hugs your body. Love you all, God Bless, Always, Cathy


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    Name of type???
    cardio means heart in medicine..... so check lab report. carcinoma is for cancer (one type). Saundra