iliostomy reversal went good, but bottom is raw

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sorry to be gross but i need to know what to do or i will go insane,
what should i use to sooth my tender raw skin.
Surgery went well and i am the world record holder for laps walked in a single day 2 days after surgery, ( i passed gas and poohed at 3am the third day and have been poohing ever since).

Laps clocked was 40, and one trip to the baby ward on the otherside of the hospital, I am sure i walked 2 miles that day.

anyway any sugjestions on what to kill the burn, and sooth the skin would be appreciated

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  • khl8
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    use cottonelle wipes instead
    use cottonelle wipes instead of toilet paper, this will help soothe your bottom while you are retraining!
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    khl8 said:

    use cottonelle wipes instead
    use cottonelle wipes instead of toilet paper, this will help soothe your bottom while you are retraining!

    Winney,, Im not sure what you can use butttt......
    Aquaphor will stop the burn or if it is plain heat rash ask for some baby diaper rash medicine...Nystatin or even old fashion corn starch....

    or worse case scenario...have them place a fan on high at the end of your bed and....well you know the rest......Remember...Live, Love, and Play........Buzz
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    Might try this

    I don't know if this will work or not, but my daughter got a spray called "California Baby" for my granddaughter. It's very good for diaper rash, so maybe it would do the trick for you.

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    I used
    I know what you're talking about. After pooping 20 times a day then get hit with what I called the "FIRE POOPS" AHHHHH the pain. I (the wife) went down and got the baby wipes for tender butts. Also "DESITIN CREAM RAPD RELIEF" and when things got really bad a sprits bath worked wonders.
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    I still use Calmoseptine. (I have nearly everyday mucous leaks--how's that for gross?) That stuff is great for keeping the area dry.
    During radiation burn I used Aquafor which was great too but I find that Calmoseptine works better at keeping whatever leaks out from irritating the skin.
    And the other ol' standbys that were mentioned: the softest toilet paper, wipes (unscented if you have to), fan to bare bottom (just make sure you have a protective pad, of course).

    glad to hear that all went well and holding you in the Light for continued healing.
  • RickMurtagh
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    poopy pants
    regular maintenance - Balneol and baby butt wipes to keep things clean
    butt burn & diarrhea - Calmoseptine cream (20% zinc oxide like Desitin but with menthol to cool the butt burn)
    severe butt burn and diarrhea - Desitin Maximum Strength (40% zinc oxide) stays put despite being power washed by digestive juices

    When you travel bring everything.

    Sitz baths all the time - man's (and woman's) best friend

    Soft toilet paper is your second best friend (you don't have to tell your spouse how far down the list they have been bumped).

    Oh yeah, try not to poop or leak too much, that always helps. Depends do more than mitigate accidents and can help keep creams from messing up your clothes.

    Lastly, never trust a fart, unless of course you are Brooks, because that just makes for great posts on the forums.