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My Twin brother has cancer on left-side of his vocal cords. He has gone thru several laser procedures in removing the cancer polyps. Now his doctor wants to remove his left side vocal cords. Is there any New procedures in the medical field that someone has experienced without going thru vocal cord removal? Thanks, Concerned Twin


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    Hmm. I thought there would
    Hmm. I thought there would be a laryngeal cancer discussion board, but I didn't find one. I would have thought there would be one. I would search for some other possible cancer discussion groups specific to laryngeal cancer and search for the latest news on that type. Be certain to ask questions about how this will affect his voice and vocal sound production. You may want to contact a university based speech pathology voice specialist in a major medical center who can direct you to current information. The ASHA website has an information page about voice and vocal nodules in its general index. It lists as a link the American Academy of Otolaryngology --head and neck surgery. It may be a source of information.
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    true Vocal Cord
    My husband was Dx t4n1mo true vocal cord cancer. That is what I read in the report I asked the doctor he said (wrote it down) t4n1mo Larynx Squamous cell Cancer.
    He had Radation 7 weeks 5 days a week and 7 rounds of Chemo Cisplatin, No sugery no tubes no ports. His voice returned , (little scratchy at times). Did great till Dec they saw something
    That was March -May 2009 now May 2010 he has Mets to both lungs.and Chemo only this time.
    Don't know if that helps