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I have been researching this for a couple days now and I am not sure
what to believe. I have heard that Marijuana helps chemo patients
with nausea, weight loss and according to some of the studies I've
found just today, even eliminating tumors. Of course, I'm not
speaking of smoking pot to cure cancer. The studies were isolating
the main ingredient, cannabinoids or THC from the cannabis plant.

There is a PDF that anyone may read, I will include the link at the
bottom of the post.

I am looking for a copy of the Journal of Pharmacology that included
information about a study completed and published this past June that
states the healing properties of cannabis for gastrointestinal
diseases. We have cannabinoid receptors in the mucous membrane that
respond quite favorably to the drug, and in turn they say has anti
cancer properties.

I understand there have been many studies done in recent years about
this. For anyone that resides in one of the 14 states that has
medical marijuana laws allowing treatment with this and have done so,
I would sure like to hear from you.

As I said to someone today, I don't care if I have to mix up some tail
of rat, eye of newt, bat wing, with a touch of axle grease, and have
Jim drink it, if it would work, you bet I would.

I'm not quite ready to go stand on the street corner to find the local
drug lord just yet, but I do intend on finding some legitimate
publications that show what benefits there may be with this drug and
how it would be administered.

I know here in NY, medical use of this is not yet legal, but it is in
line for approval by our wonderful Governor. The penalties for use have lessened considerably. I would take issue with anyone condemning anyone for using marijuana for relief of any side effects the may have due to treatment.

I haven't been able to find any current information regarding the medical marijuana use in Mass. If anyone can tell me or point me to a site that discloses this information, I would greatly appreciate it. California and Oregon have both approved Medical Marijuana use and I know in Ca, they have stores where you can buy whatever you want providing you have a letter from a physician.

Here is a link to one of the more current studies I was able to find.


I will provide any links or verifiable information I find about this topic.

Thank you.


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    Hi Rob
    I wanted my dad to do

    Hi Rob
    I wanted my dad to do the same thing when he was going through his chemo treatments. I believe where we are, Virginia, it is legal. I would much rather him smoke pot instead of taking those morphine pain pills! He had such major side effects from that. It will increase the appetite, which will make him eat more, which will help to keep is weight up.
    My dad would never go for it though. We did come pretty close. Hey, it is worth a try! If it is legal in Mass, and Jim will do it, I say go for it! Best of luck.
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    Ask the doctors about dronabinol. They prescribed this for Ian. It has been helpful.