Has anyone had the weather affect your level of pain/swelling?

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Today is an unusual day in Arizona--it is cloudy, humid and rainy. And today, my pain and swelling are so much worst than usual. My mom always says her arthritis pain acts up when there's a weather change coming or it's rainy and nasty.


Hugs, Renee


  • calvertcrafts
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    I also have noticed that I have more pain and swelling on hot, humid days. I hoping that changes when the weather cools off.
  • CypressCynthia
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    My back and ribs hate temperature extremes--especially in our high Louisiana humidity. I don't know why I don't move somewhere more temperate, but I think the humidity causes inertia. ;-)
  • sbmly53
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    I guess so! It's been cool and rainy here and I feel it. Dreading late fall & winter.

  • cahjah75
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    the weather has always affected my arthritis and my hair! Now that I'm bald I don't have to worry about the frizzies or bad hair days! lol But oh do my bones ache and I also swell around my knees and ankles )-:
  • KayNYC
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    Yes, the humidity here in NYC is a killer when it comes to LE. The physical therapist warned me that with the humid weather, I should expect more swelling and discomfort in my breast and trunk. Well, she was absolutely right. I am looking forward to the cool days in Autumn when I might be able to shed my compression sleeve and gauntlet when I am not working at the computer or not lifting or pulling anything. Come to think of that, I am not sure that there is much time in a week that I get to sit and just do nothing physical...
    Sorry you are have aches and pain with the rise and fall of the barometer.
    Hugs, K