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Well, here I am at Hotel Sutter General for my overnight IP chemo. They are progressively getting rougher (this is my 4th IP round) and I am not looking forward to the next ten or so days. I mean I am grateful that I am able to do the IP, but even more grateful that it is my last cycle, but yuck...
I'll get PETon sept 1st. Haven't had one since Jan. Last CT in April. Feels kinda like report card time--hope I aced the finals, I've been a good student otherwise.

I think IP chemo really stands for I "pee" chemo. They hydrate the hell out of us!! I pee all night long!

Sorry for the whine...got any cheese?



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    your whine
    Hi Karen,

    You've said it all about the "I pee" chemo! I do remember frequent trips to the restroom while having IV chemo only, but the IP chemo seems overly productive for urine! A friend who had it also said that she figured it was about 14 lbs. of liquid they ran through her each treatment. She was a nurse, so I believe it.

    I was told by one of the administering nurses that I wasn't supposed to get up to use the restroom when the IP needle was in place, because they were afraid of it getting out of place. I obeyed that for about 2 hours, then checked to see if the "coast was clear" (I did have a private room within the big chemo area), then made a run for the bathroom. Sometimes it's good to be disobedient!

    Hope all goes well, and remember that drinking water is encouraged!