I am a terrible wife...

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Can someone re-post a few things for me?
1. What website out of India is the most reliable for cheap Cialis? I ordered Viagra for hubby but he didn't like it as well as Cialis, and now I can't figure out which website I ordered from.

2. Hubby only has a few drops come out when getting up or down and that is all. He uses a half pad a day. He likes the thinner Tena pads but says they are not wide enough. Can anyone suggest a very thin but very wide pad?

Thanks you guys!!


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    Yopu are looking for alldaychemist - I have not used them, but they seem to be the standard of choice over on Healing well.

    Can't say about thin pads - I'm still on multiple Depends or Tena Guards. Maybe someday I'll graduate to the big boy's stuff.
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    all day chemist is the site.
    all day chemist is the site. The names on their our the generic name.

    You can get the Viagra and Levitra easy. For the cialis you have to tell a little fib.
    They don't like shipping that one to the US so most guys say they are 'consuming the product outside of the us' then they promptly ship the cialis generic.

    I've been using them for 1 year (levitra) with no problems at all.

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    terrible wife
    I had a very slight leakage problem after surgery, much like mrhisname. Not being able to find small packages of Depends pads after a few days, and finding small women's pads not very comfortable, I made my own with 7 or 8 sheets of toilet paper. Now, as to this 'terrible wife' thing, I've been reading you here for many weeks and I say hush up, lady! A little scary looking, maybe.... :> John in Seattle
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    You are a very good wife and
    You are a very good wife and your presence on this forum is proof of that. Wifes like you are very important to us as we recover and move forward. I'm sure your man appreciates you very much.