Delayed Nausea reaction

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The folfox got reduced by 25% last round (round #3) and for the first five or six days, we thought we had it made. Dale had no nausea and felt much stronger. Then the nausea hit, and it has been intractable. We are going back to Tulsa for round #4 today. Is there anything that I can ask for that would help the terrible nausea. He has Zofran, and they give him EMEND during the time of the chemo. He doesn't feel like the Zofran helps at all. Has anyone had any success with compazine, phenergan, or a combination of any of the anti nausea drugs. Is it a cumulative effect? Will it get worse as the treatments continue. If so, Im afraid we may have to ask for a few weeks off for him to recuperate a little. If if we do that, what does that do to the prognosis. We are looking at 12 rounds of Folfox before we are completely finished.

Thanks so much.

Mary Lou


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    Hello Marylou and Dale

    Hello Marylou and Dale
    So nice to see your post. I have been thinking about you. From what I have learned, EMEND is one of the best anti nausea meds. The trick to it is that Dale will have to take this daily, same time every day, regardless if he is nauseas or not. Do not wait until the nausea sets in, it will not work then. I do not think it will get any worse, Dale will just have to learn how to deal with it. Nip it in the bud before it rears its ugly head! Best of luck, and keep up the good work. Keep in touch. Hugs to you both!
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    Hi,during my chemo I took
    Hi,during my chemo I took emend and also another nausea drug (don't remem.ber the name).You need to take it before the nausea starts--I had a hard time learning this. In my case I took four rounds of chemo. I got sicker with each round. Everyone does not react the same.I didn't take folfox, so I don't know how I would have reacted. one of my chemos- 5fu.caused my counts to drop. I took this by pump three weeks at a time.I always had to come off of it because it meade my counts drop. Because of this, I had to take and extra round to make up for it, but the end result was good when and I went into surgery
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    another tip
    Mary Lou,
    We had luck with Zofran and Compazine. Husband was always given Emend along with his chemo pre-meds. Another tip.....we were told to take is an anti anxiety and he helps the nausea (& pain) meds works. So we took an Ativan as well and it seemed to help.
    Stay strong,