Allergic to suture material?

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Hubby's procedure was 4/27. One of the 5 DaVinci incisions has about a pea-shaped area that won't heal. He has been to doc twice. First time they had him use silver nitrate sticks to 'seal' it and it just kept enlarging the hole. He returned today and they said it is probably just a reaction to the suture material and will close 'eventually'. Mind you, this surgeon was excellent, hubbie has only ever had a few drops daily of leakage and his woody is 'coming along' (pun intended!).
His surgeon has done over 1500 daVinci's.
Anyway, just was curious if anyone else has/had this problem. Not a big deal, just a little annoyance in exchange for kicking cancer's butt! (1st PSA test - THE BIG ZERO CLUB!!)


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    allergy ?
    I was told this could happen, but I had more issues because the heavy internal sutures broke up and stabbed me from the inside like a small wire brush. That happened at DaVinci + 8-16 weeks, then faded with time. Lived in t-shirts for weeks to avoid pressure on the sutures.