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I had some spots on my face I wanted checked out. One in particular would pop out everytime I had chemo. Then it would go away until I had my next chemo. Since I stopped chemo the spot came back and another spot appeared. So the dermatologist did 4 biopsies. Three on my face and one on my back. I don't know how long the one has been on my back since I can't see it very well. I know it would itch at times and get flakey.

I also had multiple white patches on my arms. I thought they were just my dry skin. They zapped them with nitrous something in a spray can. They look much better already.

The dermatologist said it is not unusual for these spots to lie dormant under the skin. When you have chemo and immune system is suppressed then the spots come to surface. Two of the spots came back as basal cell cancer. So I will have to have surgery to remove those spots that came back as basal cell.

I thought I would have a three month break from seeing doctors, but it does not appear that way.

The dermatologist asked if the onocologist recommended that I see a dermatologist, and I said no neither of mine did. Mine primary physician did recommend it though. The dermatologist said a lot of people mistakenly believe that the chemo they are taking will take care of the basal cell cancer, but it does kill the basal cell cancer.

So if you have any suspicious spots, you too might want to go to the dermatologist. In peace and caring.


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    Thanks for sharing this. Gosh, it's always something isn't it? Sure, was good you had these spots checked out. Thank goodness for your PCP!