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Hello Hilde and Edwin and All on the board,
It was good hearing from you Hilde(private message) and Edwin I am glad to see you are still here! How are you Edwin? Have you began treatment yet? I seem to recall reading a while back that you had began a treatment and if so I hope it is working for you. Hilde, I would like to remind you that my treatment with the Zevalin was as a first line defense (treatment) for my fnhl. I had not ever received any other type of treatment such as cocktail chemo's or radiation upon discovery of my "C". I do however still undergo rituxin maintenance therapy every two months to assure that I stay cancer free. I will be N.E.D.(No Evidence of Disease) 2 years as of the 26th of this month, praise God! I do at times wish that the rituxin was not necessary but the onc doc says "no can do". Yet! As I mentioned, I am doing great as always, thank God, and pray that all of you can claim the same. Over the last couple of years I have also continued to change my diet to improve the way my body acts and reacts too. I began having problems with wheezing while I was lying down to sleep and was forcing myself to cough or sitting up to get some relief but it would not make it go away. My wife then somehow got the idea to try eliminating "wheat gluten" from our diets and in no time at all the wheezing stopped. So did the "Acid reflux"! If I find some way to ease or eliminate the pain that comes and goes in my neck and shoulders other than chiropractic proceedures (only temporary relief) I will share it with you all too.
My best wishes and prayers for you all!
Stay Strong and Positive†


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    Congratulations on the 2 years......I'm hoping to get there myself. I am doing Rituxan maintenance now as this last relapse I chose to treat with just Rituxan. I am nowhere near done with the 2 year maintenance time, but I'm working on it :) 3 down 9 more to go...when I look at that way reminds me just how permanent change cancer is....darn.

    But Woo hoo....you sound like you are doing wonderful. I've briefly brought up zevalin to my onc and I think we are getting close to that in my future if things don't turn around. I'm scared of the isolation time. I can't sleep without my dog laying on me or crowding me out of the bed lol. My dogs are my children and go with me everywhere..literally. Seems like I can't even go to the bathroom without one of them following me in there haha. If I don't get the door completely shut she noses her way in like a bulldozer :)

    The thought of not being able to be near my husband and dogs is daunting. I've done the research with Bexxar and I can't stay home. We have only one bathroom and from what I've read I would need one all to my self so I'd have to find somewhere to stay. Just scary.

    Wheat gluten huh? Might have to give it a try.

    Take care,

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    Hi Donald
    I am so glad to see you on board again and I am sure others here too.
    It is funny you said about the wheezing and acid reflux. I have both of those.
    I would be willing to try the gluten free and how do you find out about that?
    I would be willing to try that. If you could give me some information about that I would really appreciate it. I have not exactly been very good on a healthy way of eating. I need to do something. Thanks Don and I am so glad that you are doing this well. You have a good wife.