For my sister and Hubby's mom

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I lost my sister, Connie, to lung cancer in 2001. She was diagnosed Stage IV with secondary tumors in one of her legs and her brain. Then, in May of 2006, my husband's mom was diagnosed with a Grade IV brain tumor. She lost that fight on the first day of March, 2007.

I loved them both more than I can say. My sister was several years older than me and someone I have adored all my life. My husband's mom, Vannie, was my best friend. No cliched mother-in-law issues for us. I miss both of them terribly, especially now that I have cancer myself. But I know that God has a plan, that He is in control of everything, and I also know that I will see them both again one day. I guess we can swap "war" stories then. LOL

I just want to mention them, to let the world know that they were both so very special and that their loss has left a void in many, many lives.