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Family..anyone experience constant headaches from awake time to sleep time?
On a scale from 10 being a severe migraine, I would say I have a number 2 all the time.
I am complete now by two weeks with chest and back rads, 35 of them, and I have had 12 chemos of carbo and taxol, and have another 10 or so to go, 1x/week.

It feels like my head is in a vice and only slightly clamped-down by like a 1/4 turn!

Is it just chemo brain?...I see much on brain mets with lung cancer. My rad onc said a few weeks ago if I experience "symptoms", then they will do another MRI.
My original MRI in June showed NO mets to the brain.

Maybe I need to review symptoms of brain mets more.




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    Looking around on the web and at some old posts on Inspire.com, it seems the drug combo you are on can cause headaches. Also eye pain. My guess would be that they will stop when the chemo runs it's course. Ask your oncologist what painkillers you can use. I don't think this is brain mets, but be sure to ask him about that, too ;)