Spent afternoon/evening in hospital

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This damn dizziness. Had to call boyfriend home from work to take me to hospital. Dizziness is worse. They did blood tests and 2 heart tests. Gave me Antivert for vertigo.

All heart tests are good, my pulse just jacks up and down erratically, which causes the dizziness, fading vision and pounding in ears.

3 doctors and none can find reason. Sent me home with monitor for 24 hours. ER doc did say my ears are heavily scarred, swollen and plugged from brain rad which affects the balance and equalibrium; said Antivert should help with that.

This scares me more than the 8 months of chemo and 2 radiation's did.


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    Kelli, if you are getting plenty of liquids and that isn't the problem, maybe you should ask them to check your hormone levels. I did a little googling, and there were some women on a breast cancer forum talking about the same thing; dizziness & vertigo linked to hormones. I know chemo plays havoc with those. Your blood pressure is not extremely low?
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    Hope you're OK
    Kelli, I hope you're feeling better. This journey is a scary one no doubt about it. Hopefully the Antivert will help with your dizziness. Take care, Sue