Experience with nutrition via port?

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Hi All -

My Dad's oncologist recommended nutrition via his port. Does anyone have experience with this? I've seen postings related to feeding tubes but not this approach.

Background: He's 85, diagnosed July 09, stage IV with mets to the liver. Recently underwent SIR-spheres but is not "bouncing back" like he should be. He's had trouble eating - the standard - no appetite, terrible taste, occassional puking - he's been getting only about 500 calories/day no matter what we do. Has not been on chemo for 6 weeks since he's not strong enough. No issues with swallowing.

I've read that there can be a risk to the digestive system since it does not get used with this method, but the doctor did tell him to supplement with Ensure as best he can.

I'd like to understand some pros/cons if anyone has experience.