Tomorrow morning

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Bright and early I am off to the hospital for my Pet/ct. I am sure that all will work out, no mix ups like Tuesday. It really is a mixture of emotions for me. I don't want them to find any cancer, but at the same time, I do want them to have the answers to my symptoms. Not knowing is impossible. All of my symptoms are so much like so many of yours. It is hard to think that they all could add up to something totally different.
Enlarged spleen and liver, night sweats, fevers, pain, trouble breathing, itchy legs, weakness and so much fatigue. If I were to ask any of you what these symptoms were, I think you would have to say it looks like lymphoma. So, you can see why I am have such a hard time. I need answers. I know that I won't get them tomorrow, but at least I will have taken the first step in solving the mystery.
I did read an article yesterday that said people who have had thyroid cancer have a 30% higher risk to develope lymphoma than the general public. Since I had thyroid ca x 2 with mets. it puts me a a higher risk. And I would think that having radiation also ups the risk.
I know that I am getting long in the words, I know its because I am thinking about tomorrow morning.
Wishing all of you a lovely Thursday....


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    I was in the same boat as you, I had head and neck cancer three years ago, I don't want to say it gives you a advantage, but you kind of know what to expect. Not ignoring the symptoms is huge!!! Good luck today....... Vinny
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    scan results
    Hi Lisha,
    You probably won't get your results back until next week,so be sure to let us know the results.Waitibg for the results is so hard. I hope it all went good for you today! I had a great day...did some house cleaning and "NO" headache today! YES!