Transitional Cell Carcinoma

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Hi everyone,Iam desperately seeking advice as I have no one to turn to who understands our problem.Ifeel as though I have been on a roller coaster ride the past six weeks. I will try and make my story short. Seven weeks ago I had a nephrectomy for kidney cancer as well as a neck lymph node removal.I was first told that the node had spread from my kidney tumour.Later the Doctors told me that they thought that the cancer had not spread and that I may possibly have a second cancer as the two cancers did not look similiar as well as the fact that kidney cancer does not usually spread to the neck. I had a PET scan and my nasopharynx area lit up.This I was told would be good news if it turned out to be the primary for the lymph node as Head and neck cancers can be curable.I had a biopsy last week on my nasopharynx and learnt today that unfortunately it was benign.The Doctor apologized for the fact that I had been given false hope. I am now back where I started,as it appears as though it is a cancer spread from my kidney.I have been given the option of commencing chemo now or later.I am upset now as the Doctor told me that he did not know how long I have left,and nor do I want to know.I presently feel well and healthy.What would others do.
Have chemo now or wait.