stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lungs with bone mets

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My husband was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lungs with abone mets in March of 2010.
He also found out he has diabetes 2 a month before this.
He does not like talking about his condition. His left hip gave way and he had to have
surgery in April of this year. He is anemic and also has a heart arthymia which he takes medication for. He is 70 years of age. He took 25 radiation treatments in his left lung to alleviate some of the pain he was having in his ribs. He has since taken 5 chemo treatments...alimpta with carboplatin. His last appt. they only gave him the alimpta because the Dr. said the carboplatin had gotten too harsh for him.

He doesn't want to talk about his condition or what may happen. He doesn't want to make any arrangements of any kind. I know having a good attitude goes a long way in healing, but I also have to face the facts. They have already told me he is eligible for Hospice.

Does anyone else have lung cancer in the bones?



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    My Dad just got diagnosed in
    My Dad just got diagnosed in April with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma. A tiny bit has metastisized to his iliac (a lower back bone).

    We also had trouble dealing with everything including talking about his cancer, and the thing that really helped us was sitting down with a pyschologist specializing in dealing with cancer.

    Hope this helps =)
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    Lung cancer Stage 4 with metastisus in skull
    I was recently diagnosed and am in chemo (1 only). I guess I am dealing with the fact but still hopeful to have a year or two before death. I have made my Wills and legal papers but find talking in a real negative manner to still be difficult.

    Have you asked the Dr. with your husband what his prognosis is? Is there time left? Perhaps you can ask the medical health care team for help to guiding your husband down a road of reality with hope??? Mine have been very helpful and have not dismissed some quality time remaining.

    If he is tired of the fight perhaps medication?

    Sorry I'm not more helpful.
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    Taking Care of Others
    A hospital social worker might be able to talk with the two of you and help him see that taking care of final arrangements is a good way of taking care of you. It doesn't mean that he will die tomorrow, but if something does happen he will know that he did his best to take care of you. A friend of mine with breast cancer said that she found updating the will and contacting the insurance folks to be very difficult. But afterward she was relieved that she had done all she could to take care of her husband. She didn't die that year or even the next, but when she did all the family had to do was worry about her, not about the will, the house, the papers and stuff. Everything was organized in a folder with directions on what to do when. If your husband can't bring himself to get things done, maybe you can start with the social worker on what you will have to do and start getting things organized. Medicine for depression and/or pain for him may also be needed. Talk to the doctor frankly about your concerns. Contacting hospice may also give you the support you need. They have been down this road before and can help.

    Thinking of you,

    C. Abbott