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Well I'm back. After being diagnosed last Jan. with stage 4b cancer. I was all but told that I was not long for this world. I have made my peace with God and asked for his strength to follow this path. As of Aug. 9th after my last PET scan. I'm told that all tumors are gone and nothing showed up on the last 2 scans.
My question is, How normal is responce like this? Will it last? My Dr. said that she wants me to complete one more round of chemo and the she'll give me 3 months off to get some blood count back and some strength. New ground for me. Any coments would be welcome.


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    how great it is
    Sounds great to me. They told my husband he has one -two years, but after two rounds of chemo (four tumors two in each lung) one tumor gone three others have gotten smaller. They are going to do 8 rounds every three weeks. So Who knows. Everyone is different. I say why not enjoy it as much as you can.
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    Hey Joe Cool!
    Great news. I would have to agree with William, it is time to get a 2nd opinion and ask about having surgery done. I would also agree with your dr. to do more chemo. Best of luck to you, and keep leaning on God! Keep us posted.
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    Great News! God is still in
    Great News! God is still in the miracle making business.My prayers are with you as you go thru further testing.
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    wow how wonderful

    Sounds like a miracle to me and that the lord is telling you he’s got it under control.

    So Relax, Smile and Enjoy his blessings.

    God Bless, (I think he already has.)

    ECII suvivor (6 months)