Shall we meet for whine & wine?

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When cancer isn't enouth, let's throw in both parents precariously perched on the edge of life. Mom, end stage COPD. Dad in hospital with pneumonia due to aspiration due to lung cancer. Stomach tube Monday. Daughter with marital problems. Older (by 19 yrs) hubby with I don't know what going on. I think my bc took the wind out of his sails, he has aged, it seems, overnight. Which has more than added to my stress and angst. And work, ugh!!!

We moved into a new home 1 1/2 yrs ago. We downsized and I never got settled in before I was dx'd. Boxes still in cellar. No time, no energy, no memory. Just hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, joint pain & stiffness.

Now, honestly! This is not meant to be a bummer, just a release. How about you ladies? I know that many of you had to deal with insurance problems, family/friend problems, not to mention side effects and set backs. Let it all out!



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    My husband's 86 year old
    My husband's 86 year old mother moved in with us the end of May 09. She had a heart attack the first week of Jun 09. She was back in the hospital 2 weeks later with congestive heart failure. I found the lump in my breast the end of Jun 09. It has been a roller coaster ever since. My poor dear hubby has hung in there toting both of us to all of our doctors appointments. I know it has not been easy for him because I know how sick I was. Gotta love him.

    That's it I'm done venting.


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    yes, let's!
    sorry sbmly for all that you have going on. Overwhelming. And it sucks. I'm sorry.

    Here's my lament: I'm tired. I'm overwhelmed. I'm still dealing with the loss of my mom in November due to BC. I've recently had my TE's replaced with silicone implants and instead of feeling better I just have waves of anguish wash over me. What's wrong? I've read it again and again on these boards how when treatment is over ... that's when the emotional pain catches up with you. And I think that is what is happening now. I've been living with my cousin since February when I had my DBMX and the time has come to move out. Today her husband said, "I'll help you on the weekend get your stuff out." Ouch. That hurt. I told her that I would be out by the first of September. He said it so coldly and I feel like I've been a pain in the a## or why else would he say it? I've had a good cry today over that one. My relationship with my dad sucks. He's totally emotionally abusive and it's gotten worse since my mother's death. God, tonight I just want to curl up in a ball and be done with it all. I'm just so tired. So sad, so overwhelmed. I'm in the process of moving and I'm not happy where I have to go. I don't feel safe there, but there's no where else to go. I only had 1 lymph node removed on each side and I think I may have lymphedema on my cancer side. D@*n, when is it going to end?

    Ah, I know. There it is. Thanks for listening and for the invitation to 'whine.' Now I want some wine! :) Thanks. Hang in there. Breathe. All we can do is focus on today.

    Much Love,