Does the ripping every end?

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I have been cancer free for a year (go me!) but I am still struggling with fissures almost everytime I have a bowel movement. I take colace daily. I will admit I have been slack with the water lately but I am having a lot of mucus recently, some of the discharge not well controlled. I haven't really had those types of problems since treatment. Any ideas anyone?


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    pain in the u-no-what
    I am 2 years cancer free and on rare occasions have the kind of difficulties you describe. I think we need to remember our tissues were rather severely damaged and susceptible to problems. I worry if I see mucus or a bit of blood. They cease very quickly and I always report them at doc visits. Tests always so far - touch wood - come back okay.

    Be sure to list questions for the docs and discuss them at test times!

    Hopefully you will continue to improve. A rad onc at a recent conference I went to said most people know how they will feel in the long run by about 2 years out of treatment but underscored that we are all different!

    Hope this helps,
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    Ongoing issues
    I am coming up on 2 years post-treatment and deal with slight tearing of my anal opening quite often, due to a big or hard BM. I just saw my rad onc a few days ago and we discussed this. He told me that the radiation causes all the tissues to shrink, resulting in stenosis. Also, the blood vessels are closer to the surface now, due to thinning of the intestinal lining. All of this can add up to occasional bleeding. I have only occasional mucous. It is vitally important to get enough water in your system. I'm not sure about taking the colace--some people report other problems after taking it. I have found the best way to keep BM's soft is to eat the right kinds of foods. A few that I eat regularly that help me are avocados, sweet potatoes and mango. Begin with small amounts and see if that helps any.
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    Me too...
    I have a fissure that just won't heal so I have to keep my stools soft. My colo-rectal surgeon suggested Miralax - a little bit daily and that has worked very well for me. On occasion, I'll take a stool softener if I feel I need to. I had mucous for about a year after my treatments too - it does get better with time.
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    I am 8 mo. post tx. and at time have severe diareah followed by constipation. In other woeds it (my Body) dictates how it reacts to certain foods and/or medications. I also have changed my diet. Went from a COCA COla addict to green tea-loaded with antioxidants.NO or very little spicy foods,things that are naturally easy to digest. Lots of bananas,bland sandwichs-no more of "the works" for toppings etc. There are things we can do for ourselves and some require medical attention. My hunch is at first you wont be able to distinguish which is which, but I think we all experience that. When I have too much pain,bleeding or whatever I have myself checked,. Every little ache , which we we wouldnt have thought twice about before worries me now. Its the nature of the beast. Symptoms and side efects can las for 2 years, so just pay attention if things worsen or change. Seek our experience strenth and hope and pursue professional advice. GOD SPEED my friend.