3 days left 2 tell ur or loved one's story QVC OCRF Ovarian Cancer Awareness

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Please enter the QVC OCRF Recognize the Disguise contest.
Have fun posting your picture, and choosing your disguise.
It's all in fun to increase awareness of Ovarian Cancer symptoms.
My Sphynx cat has a funny YouTube video supporting the Recognize the Disguise contest
and if you're willing, please vote for my #1 entry in the contest so I can stay #1.


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    My Entry
    I entered it on July 31st ;) EDIT: I had forgotten I entered until I saw your post, and then I had to come back here, because I think you commented on my entry! lol I voted for you and commented on yours. I need to go see your cat video because I'm a cat person..only all of mine have hair (unlike me!) ;) (End of edit)

    What a great idea! Everyone who has entered should post their links here!


    I wish QVC would post some of these pictures as part of an ad campaign on regular television stations!