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Thanks for your response Lovekittie, I appreciate the information. I have spoken to many suppliers, stoma nurses, home care nurses, and manufacturers. In fact Hollister, whose products I use gave me the best information. My stoma problems stem from the fact that it is very small and it mushrooms over half my skin. The other have retreats so low when it's going to "do it's thing" that it's beneath my pouch line. Since I have a colostomy with only a couple inches of colon it can shoot right under the pouch. I'm about to try a convex pouch...has anyone used those? They have a hard plastic ring around the stoma area and I don't think I'll be able to manipulate it as much as I need to. But I've had this for three years and most often do very well. In fact it's just a normal part of me. But occassionally I have accidents and they can be pretty bad as well as hard clean up work.

I mentioned that Hollister gave me good information. I was using to much product as recommended by various medical personnel. The Hollister folks told me it's made to stick to your skin as less is more as far as products go.

If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.