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Good morning to everyone and all you "Teal Warriers". I have put a few questions on the discussion board and have received great feedback. I am due to have my surgery on 8/24, complete hyterectomy and omentum removal, my pelvic mass is 12cm appx. size is a volleyball, and irregualr in shape. I am going to an GYN/onocologist in Las Vegas. I have a CA-124 level of 216, chest xray clear, contrast CT ok, not much fluid. So here is my question, I hope I can describe this correctly. The last 24 hours I have had difficult lower abdominal tightness/cramping, it doesnt go away and is constant. It feels like someone has taken their hand and grabed my abdomin and made a fist. Could the mass have moved, grown bigger, or could this be fluid buildup? My back lower back hurts also.

Thank you for any insight any of you may have about this, you are all terrific women and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you to all, Cathy


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    Hi Cathy I can't really
    Hi Cathy I can't really answer your question but I had ascites when diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal cancer. This was drained at time of surgery but I must admit the fluid seemed to build up rapidly after I was diagnosed. I had a lot of discomfort while sitting and when I tried to turn over in bed it was painful and I had to lift my stomach up so I could turn. I don't know if a mass could move so it is possible the fluid is building up which could put pressure on your back (the mass in your pelvis could also cause your back to hurt). Could you get your surgery brought forward? Hope things go well for you. Jenny
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    Options might be might be nothing. It could be the onset of a bowel blockage, however. Are you having regular bowel movements?

    I was diagnosed on 9/17 and scheduled for surgery on 9/29. However, I developed a bowel blockage on 9/23 and had to be admitted to the hospital via the ER. Like a dummy, I waited until the pain was INTENSE and I was vomiting before I would go. Don't be a hero. If it starts to hurt, call your doctor or go to the ER.

    Also, 12cm is 4.72 inches - way smaller than a volleyball.

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    same as me

    Your description is very similar to my story. I had a 12cm mass on my left ovary (as detected by the tv ultrasound. Part of the tumor was liquid but another part was more solid. My surgery (full hysterectomy) was scheduled for about 1 week away. While awaiting surgery I experienced extreme pain one night that almost put me in the emergency room.

    Fortunately I had some left over vicodin that got me through the night. When I called my gyn/oncologist in the morning he said that the solid part of the tumor can sometimes "flop" and squeeze the ovary causing the pain. He admitted me to the hospital that day instead of waiting for my scheduled surgery the following week. If your symptoms worsen you'll want to check with your doctor.

    sending strength and love...pj