more waiting

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Just had a call from the cancer center. I sent over my labs and ct reports also a list of my symptoms. The gal said she will have the Docs look it over and then figure out if I need a hematologist or a lymphoma Doc. She said she will get back to me tomorrow.
It's always TOMORROW. I'll keep you posted...


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    Wait..wait and more wait! I swear it is the hardest part! Just know that we have all gone through this and some still are, so we know EXACTLY how it feels. It's just plain awful..if one isn't a drinkin person when this happens to us, it could sure drive you to being one afterwards...ha! I told my hubby the other night that maybe I should take up drinking...he just said "yea, sure honey, whatever you want", and went right back to reading his book....ha! Love that man...even when he isn't listening...ha! Hang in there..
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    The waiting game
    I have heard all my life 2 things that show to be truer all the time. Someday never comes and tomorrow is always a day away. It really shows to be true again in your case. Believe me you will be put on hold again during your waiting for diagnosis. I am not being negative but just realistic. What is so important to us is just routine to other people like the medical profession in this case. Don't feel like you are alone,this happens to all of us from time to time. While they are talking it over and scratching their heads you sit at home and wonder where is all this going. I really build your confidence don't I? Its just I tell it like it is and do not pull any punches. This stuff is scary and needs to be addressed immediately,not next week when they get around to it. Like I was ssying before,if it was them or their loved ones it would be taken care of right now. Hang in there and just do what you can. It may come to a point where you may have to put your foot down. I have done it so many times. John