President's Cancer Panel

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Did anyone see the President's Cancer Panel report? It was published in April 2010. It recommends, “A precautionary, prevention-oriented approach should replace current reactionary approaches to environmental contaminants in which human harm must be proven before action is taken to eliminate or reduce exposure.”

Here’s an article summarizing the report:
President's Cancer Panel: Eat Organic, Avoid Plastics, Rodale, 5/6/10

The landmark report…states that the U.S. government has grossly underestimated the number of cancers caused by environmental toxins.” [pg.2]

“As it stands, only a tiny fraction of the 80,000 chemicals used today are regulated and tested for safety in humans.”

“Eat organic whole foods--Don't heat plastic…ever--Phase out phthalates--Take off your shoes in the home--Reduce your exposure to radiation—Filter your tap water”

President's Cancer Panel (see the 2008/2009 Executive Summary for the short version)
“…Women often have higher levels of many toxic and hormone-disrupting chemicals than do men.”

I realize we probably all know this on some level but it’s good to see it in print from this source. And even though we have cancer, we need to lower our risk of it progressing or recurring. For me, prevention tactics still make sense, don't you think?