affects of chemo and rad.

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Have had 3 chemo sessions and 15 trips to the micro-wave. The tumor was about size of ping pong ball. Now no appetite---8 ounces fills me---eating or drinking gives me hiccups and makes my nose run. So trying to eat and drink small amounts all day long and of course have hiccups all day long. Have not had any vomiting, nausea or diarehea. Is this normal??????



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    Sounds pretty "typical"

    I am not sure if this is “normal” however; the restricted intake, running nose, and hiccups all sound very “typical” of the results of chemotherapy and a partially blocked esophagus.

    Hopefully the hiccups will subside as the tumor is reduced by the radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, in my experience anyway, the running nose stayed with me the duration of my chemotherapy. It seemed like every time I ate anything it was tissue time.

    I am glad you are not having nausea or diarrhea. In my case those were with me during chemo as well although I found that if I took Emend prior to treatments it reduced the nausea significantly.

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