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Hi Lous,

I saw you posted yesterday, but I've only got a chance to come online today, ie use my sisters laptop. I can't find your post anywhere so I think you may have deleted it. I just wanted to say what you did for your colleague was admirable, not many people would do what you did. You have nothing to be sorry for, the cancer is that you had was not a punishment for what you did. As John23 has said it's rouge cells that have got out of control. I'm so sorry about the situation with your wife, this disease has robbed many of us of our partners. But I have to admire those who stick around their partners and actually do believe in their marriage vows, not to say those who have left us didn't but they just could not handle what we were going through, some are just more stronger then others. I hope you don't have cancer again and it's just inflamation, even if it is the big c I know you will get through this you have the support of us all online. Anyway just wanted to let you know my thoughts, hope you are ok as you can be, please keep posting. Hugs sonia