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Jim has started a new treatment for the tumors in his liver. We are now in San Antonio and he had chemoembolization for the largest tumor on Wednesday. Everything went well and he has no pain or problems relating to the treatment. After the CT scan, he was told that his tumors were not a good match for having any of the Spheres or Yttrium therapies, but his Dr feels this treatment has good possibilities for destroying the liver tumors. We'll see when we go back in a few weeks. He will need at least two more treatments to treat all three of the tumors. They are scheduled for a month apart, so we'll be here for a little while. Since we live in our Fifth Wheel, we have our house and everything we need with us.

There is very little activity shown on the latest PET scan except in the liver, no activity in the esophagus, adrenal, or lymph nodes. We are grateful for that! We were so happy to meet with Dr Middlebrook who, not only had considered Plan A, but had Plan B all scheduled and ready to go the next day!


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    Hey Sally and Jim
    Great news

    Hey Sally and Jim
    Great news that it is not in any other areas than the liver. Glad the dr. wants to go on with plan b. Alot of drs. would have given up already. You both keep hanging in there. Glad your home moves with you!
    Love and many hugs.