Taking Nana's oxygen

Nana b
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My 100 year old grandmother wants me to come to her house and breath out of her oxygen tube for 30 minutes each day.......man, what if she dies cause she's not on it! Not sure that I want to do that!! My aunt says it will be fine but ah, don't know.

I did hear that it's good for you in your fight with cancer, but do not remember the specifics!


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    Wow 100
    That is amazing, no one in my family seems to make it very long. I would probably thank her but pass. Although if she has made it this long, might not make that big of a deal for you to have some, should you be visiting. Maybe it would make her feel better to help you.
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    Gasp.... well.. the story is, that O2 kills cancer cells.

    Great, right? Great, but.... it's when the O2 is injected into the
    cancer tumor, not when we just breath it in.

    It's like anything else that we hear about... Coca-Cola kills
    the AIDS virus in a test-tube, Apricot pits contain chemicals
    that will cancer cells in a test-tube.... none of what will do the
    same thing if we ingest it..

    I might humor Nana, since she obviously wants to do something
    to help, but I'd check with her doc, to make sure it's OK to use
    her supply.

    It's a real nice gesture on her part.... you could show her proof
    that it's not true, if you think that'd work... But she sounds like
    she'd love to give it a try anyway.

    Good health to you both.