Anyone know about carcanoid cancer

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I apparently have a relatively rare form of cancer g'astrointestinal carcanoid cancer', what can you all tell me?? I already lost my colon and part of the small intestine, now they want to remove my liver. Needless to say I want to keep my liver. Does anyone know anything about this????


  • donruth
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    2002 1/2 my colon and 2 sections of small intestine removed

    2004 large section of mesantary and corresponding small intestion section removed

    2012 one inch of my right liver lobe removed and a leasion burned from my left lobe

    have been off injections of Sandostation LAR 50 mg for a year and am starting to get high chrogramin A readings again.

    I am an 82 year old male being treated at the VA.