Update on Hubby - stage IVb

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It's been awhile since I have posted and I wanted to let everyone know I still read the new posts. Our roller coaster has begun
My husband has had 7 Radiation treatments and 2 Chemo's. They also put in his port on Monday. They insisted he needed a stent because of the size of tumor and this was done on 7/13/10 and so far NO problems.
This morning he started having severe reflux and it scared me. I thought he was going to aspirate, but finally it has subsided. I need to know if others are having this problem and what are some solutions.
He refused to eat breakfast and doesn't even want any liquid for right now. I will try to get him to drink a boost for protein a little later.
The one side effect from Radiation is feeling like he is sunburned and itching across his back shoulders.
Thanks for any useful suggestions.


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    my hubby has a stent
    My hubby has a stent, but has had no radiation yet. He he has his second stent as the first one moved up on him. He takes his prilosec at bedtime and we make sure the head of the bed is elevated.
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    ask the radiology department
    My husband had the same thing and they gave him a wonderful cream to use and it stopped it the sunburn itching feeling cold...or ask the oncologist...call them if necessary. He doesn't have to suffer with this also.

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    stage 4b
    The radiation treatments will help the pain in the long run. I used a little Aloe and a back scratcher. Please try to get him to at least drink one of those protien drinks as often as he can every day. My tumors were gone in my case after my 28 raditaion treatments and 3 rounds of chemo. I'm still going through chemo and doing pretty well. Don't let him quit. Ask your radiolagist and chemo Dr. for help. They are a good resource. Have faith and a posative attitude.