To all my friends... fr.Barbara Strange

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Hello, ladies.

I'm back. I'm sorry I have been absent so long, but I started work again last year and I had trouble getting back in the groove.

My Ca-15 is at 26 so I am getting chemo every 3 weeks. I was taken off in Feb, but it started creeping up so my Dr. started me back when it got to 34. She says when it drops down again I'll go back on maintenance.

How has everyone been?

Do you know of any thing that is national for ovarian cancer? Getting tired of pink



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    to my friends, Barbara

    The official color for Ovarian cancer is Teal, and the month for Teal is September. I am rather new to the group and I am amazed at the strength and support everyone gives to each other. My surgery is scheduled for 8/24, currently is have a 12 cm pelvic mass of irregular shape. They are going to do complete Hystorectomy and staging at that time.

    Good luck with your treatments you will be in my prayers.