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I am having a lot of problems following bowel surgery radiation and chemo. I also have a colostomy bag. I have finished all treatment sinse October ,99. all the scans have clear and the only medication i'm on is lyrica and some pain killers. It seems when in lift anything or do even a small amount of work, i get all bloated, tummy cramps and maybe vomit. If i stay in bed,dont eat for a couple of days and only take liquids it settles down after about five days. This happens regulary. Could this be adhesions or a twisted bowel.??? anyone suffer from the same symptoms.???


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    Adhesions and hernias

    Both adhesions and hernias are typical with any abdominal surgery,
    and surgery to correct either usually results in more adhesions
    and/or hernias.

    The website has tons of info for anyone that's had
    extensive colorectal or abdominal surgery.

    A twisted bowel would probably cause constant problems, whereas
    a bowel that's being restricted from having adhered itself to another
    organ (or to itself), or has become lodged between muscle (a hernia),
    would cause intermittent problems.

    Lifting can cause a muscle to pinch the bowel, and/or large undigestible
    foodstuff can get jammed up in a section of intestine that's been
    narrowed due to a hernia or an adhesion......

    For the majority of us, it's a somewhat rare occurrence.

    I try to stick to what mom taught me at an early age (around 19)
    "chew your food well, and don't run with scissors".

    Seriously, we can eat anything, as long as it's chewed well.

    BUT (I have a big but), if you have this problem regularly, it may
    be in your best interests to see your colorectal surgeon or
    gastrointestinal specialist and get a scan scheduled to see
    what the hell is going on in there.

    We could speculate all day and be totally wrong...ya'know?

    I'm here with everyone else with colon cancer, because without
    a scan it "looked like" IBS to the well educated practitioners.

    The scan provides answers, and you really oughta' get those
    correct answers as soon as you can. It'll set your mind at ease
    when they come back clear of bad things.... and you see it's
    only that McDonald's toy you got with the McRibs and ingested
    by mistake.

    Stay well; think healthy.