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Scan came back clear. The did however see that my bile duct is a little swollen. Liver function is elevated but that never really has gone all the way down since liver resection. It gradually goes down each time. The enlarged bile duct has me concerned more than the radiologist, oncologist and nurses. The specific liver function numbers are good. The radilogist mentioned that sometimes people get stones in the bile duct that can cause elargment. Anyone here had experience likfe this?


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    not quite
    I don't have any experience with swollen bile duct. But, I have learned that radiologists (or whoever is reading/writing up a scan) often write down anything and everything that is is the slightest bit 'abnormal', even if it is not sinister at all. They have to, I guess.

    If you have concerns, I of course urge you to discuss them with your doc -- you need to put your mind at ease. But I will say I'd had a lot of odd things 'noted' which ended up to be not important at all.

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    Gall Stones
    During one of my scans it showed a 6mm stone in my gall blader. That has given me one problem so far.
    So if there is a stone in your bile duct, the CT scan would show it.

    Question, did you drink barium before the CT scan? Some places use different things like air or water or barium.

    My first CT showed nothing tied to my cancer and they used water. I drank water before the scan.

    MD Anderson uses lots and lots of barium. They do about 650 CT scans a day. Amazing.