Today would have been my mom's 65th birthday

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My mom passed away in April of this year from Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer. I just wanted to place this post in rememberance. As of this month, it has been three months since I lost my mom.
My mom was a beautiful person, both inside and out. It was difficult for her to become close to people quickly, yet when she did, she completely trusted and deeply cared for them. My mom's way of showing love to her children, family, friends, and neighbors were through food. She was an excellant cook. Anyone that tasted her cooking would always say how delicious it was. She loved to grow vegetables and fruit in her backyard and whatever she harvested, she made sure she gave them away. My mom had a wonderful sense of humor. She loved to laugh and use word puns to crack jokes. She always made me laugh. I love her smile, the twinkling in her eyes that she shows when she knows she made a joke. I love her warm chest, her warm hands, her curly hair...
I miss my mom so dearly, it's painful. I still cry when I think of her, or even say, "mom."
Mom.... I wish you were here... I miss you painfully...


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    A mom-having reality check
    I am so sorry for the lose and pain of your wonderful mom.I see you being my daughter, if I lost my battle with cancer.I am battling cancer myself for the second time around. I felt like I don't want to fight this battle with chemo this time around because of the bad experience I had the first time. I got really ill with chemo first time around and would like to spare my husband and son and daughter the hassle of me being sick and bringing everyone down with me. Now that I read your letter here, I am reconsidering taking chemo and fighting this cancer harder at least for their sake. Thank You again and if you should need to talk more about your mom, which will help you heal more as time passes by, I am here and I will respond back anytime you need me to. My name is Lillie
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    My heart goes out to you
    The 31st was 5 years to the day that I lost my husband to amyloidosis, the day before my birthday....and then just last July I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm doing fine right now, after a double masectomy and reconstruction, and I'm living with the belief that they "got it all". But this is a rough time of year for me too, so I understand fully.