From Louann's family

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Louann's memorial service has been set for 10 am on Wednesday at Woodlake Assembly in Tulsa, Ok. Wanted to let you know in case someone wanted to send flowers . Dave is doing well as to be expected I stay in touch with him for louann she would wanted it no other way she would have done the same for me. Mack Powell Buckner "


Diane and Jim;
Thank you for your kindness. I think Louann would appreciate your donations going to Cancer research. I am working again and think that she would love knowing that her name was associated with helping a needy cancer patient undergoing treatment. After years of watching her fight with all her heart and soul I take my peace from knowing that she is pain free and in the arms of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I'm sure she is setting around a fishing pond with her family and mine with her feet dangling in the water. Thank u so much for the time u spent with louann she talked about you often. I would like u to know that she drifted off to sleep with no pain at the end. I was holding her hand when she finally went home. God bless you and Jim.
Dave Carper


Louann real first name was Louella. Just in case it matters.


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    Diana, thank you
    You truly are a great person, and I so appreciate all the info you provide on various people. I am still very sad about the passing of Louann and Kimby, I am crying just typing this. Just breaks my heart...But I do take some good know that they are not hurting any more...

    God Bless LouAnn and Kimby

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    Thank you, Diane, for
    Thank you, Diane, for keeping us in the loop. My heart is saddened but glad to know she is in the presence of God. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord is what the Bible says. I hope I haven't offended any non Christians, but I know Louann believed in Christ and this is what gets me through the sad times.