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hello I am new here my husband dx'd 4 yrs ago with colon cancer(sacral tumor) has had chemo,radiation,cyberknife radiation with some success but now as things progress (sacral tumor growing)chemo not helping was referred to Roswell in Buffalo where a clinical trial might be an option but then was admitted three days later for pain management,was on 150 fetanyl patch and morphine via intertheacal pump and orally for breakthrough pain.Changed meds while in pt with success via IV dilaudid,but now pain doctor not sure what else to do for pain came home 3 days ago after 1 month inpt on oral 6mg dilaudid evry 4 hrs,haldol 5mg for sleep, ativan 1mg for anxiety,neurontin800mg for nerve pain,zoloft 100mg,sanctura for urinary incontinence, while inpt had nephrostomy tube inserted and had two spinal nerve blocks but still complains of rectum pain where the tumor lies,I called Roswell they said this will continue to happen expect to be in and out of hospital for pain control and then suggested palliative care or hospice.....So after all that anyone here have any input on pain managementi.e. meds, dr name, thinking of calling MSK not happy with our pain guy.


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    I sent you a pm regarding one of our members.

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