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Hello Everyone ~

My husband Allen was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma Stage IV, Furman IV in October 2006. Together with other kidney cancer warriors, we have created a great blog full of stories told by kidney cancer warriors sharing their personal journey in their own words. The blog also contains valuable information about kidney cancer, medications, side effects, remedies for those side effects, etc. This is not a medical site by professional personnel but a site created by kidney cancer warriors for kidney cancer warriors. Remember to always check with your medical team before following any recommendations you read from any site.

The Kidney Cancer Warriors Resource Blog link is:

Kidney Cancer Warriors also has a support group fan page on facebook:

Additionally, we have a chat room that meets more frequently than any other kidney cancer chat. Although our chat room is open 24/7; scheduled chat is Monday thru Friday, 7p to 10p EDT - always open chat to ALL kidney cancer patients and their loved ones! There is no "host" but you will find during scheduled chat times a dedicated "committed chatter" to chat with you about your journey. You'll find a great group of folks who are compassionate and caring. Always ready to listen and support you! We hope you'll join us!

You can access the chat room via the Resource Blog or at the following link:

Connected with the Resource Blog, we have a Memorial Blog for anyone who would like to include a loved one who has passed on their torch in the kidney cancer battle. It would be our honor to honor your loved one! After each memorial, there is a comment section for messages to be left by family and friends.

We look forward to "meeting" you. We are the Kidney Cancer Warriors and we very much support the kidney cancer community! For us, it truly is an extended family. We are never happy to see that another person needs to join our family but always happy to know that someone who needs our support has been able to find us!

Blessings to all ~ Leigh
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