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This such a nice place to come...I wish it were under different circustances, but it does help tp just talk and listen to others tell thier live stories. I got out of the hospital at oon today, and I think my hbby is worse than the nazi nurses, lol. In our bedroom we have the bed of course, but the room is large enogh to also have a seating area. So that;s whee I am, catching up on mail, email, phone calls etc. He keeps telling me tp get into bed. I just spent days i bed. K, now that I vented about him, my real reason was to ask y'll...My left foot is swollen to 4 times it's normal size. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a normal side effect? And Pricilla, no I dom't get to see my little ducku, only beacuse they live in FL. hopefully they are mov8ing here to Nebraska this year. Also, any changes in vion? Talk yo y'all. Melodie


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    Hi Melodie,

    Its great that your back at home now, so that means your white blood counts are back up. As far as the swelling what did your dr say. I know there was a poster recently that has swelling, if you look down the posts you will see it. The thread is Lymphodema, and I replied on it to bring it to the top. It should be right under this thread. I wish you well Lori.
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    Hi Melodie!
    It's great to hear that you are now home! As for the swelling in your foot, this is most likely lympedema and needs to be brought to the attention of your doctor. Please don't hesitate to call him and let him know. I hope you'll get some good rest at home and feel better soon!