Suction Aspirator for Mucous

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My Doctor has suggested that I rent or purchase a Suction Aspirator for controlling the mucous/saliva that may build up in my throat. Does anyone have any experience or advice in regards to using an Aspirator. I have been told that it just makes it easier to get rid of excess mucous, and therfore easier to sleep. Thank you, I start Chemo an Tuesday and Radiaton on Wednesday for the first of 7 Chemos and 35 Radiation treatments.


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    Suction machine a blessing!!
    Definitely get the suction machine. It was very helpful (and still is). My other half Mike got the suction machine half way through his radiation treatments. His secretions were very thick and the suction machine was able to clear his mouth/throat easier. Our machine was simple to use-turn it on and place your finger on the "yankauer" (suction wand) and it's that simple. Its easy to clean and he cleans the tube with hot water to avoid build up. The company that brought the machine also showed us how to use it.
    He is 5 weeks post radiation and he uses it occasionally when it's too thick to "spit". Although the suction machine is great...please make sure you swallow so your muscles don't forget how to swallow. Right now he has to do swallowing exercises because of loss of muscle memory (muscles forgot how to work) so swallow spit when you can, drink sips of water.
    Keep up with mouth care too as that will help with the thickness of secretions. Mike used Caphasol (we were fortunate as insurance paid all but $50). If you don't have caphasol-rinse with salt/baking soda solution and that will help.

    Hope that helps! Hang in there....
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    Just wanted to give you a little support Lloyd.... It'll be rough, but at least now you have started. So that being said, everyday down is a closer day to being finished....

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    Skiffin16 said:

    Just wanted to give you a little support Lloyd.... It'll be rough, but at least now you have started. So that being said, everyday down is a closer day to being finished....


    Hey, your wife or you tried to chat on FB yesterday, but I am having trouble with it crashing. I just wanted to say that I apologize, I just have some computer issues. Thank you for the voice of support. I am still as positvie as I can be, and I am never going to give up. I think of Jimmy Valvano everyday, and how I cried when he was giving the speech. Being from North Carolina I was very famalier with Jimmy. He said--no matter what you do never give up never! Thankx Lloyd
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    Works great
    Hi, I was given a trache with my first surgery and was given a suction aspirator also. It has been a big help to get rid of the extra mucus that I have since treatment. It is very simple to use and mine also came with an adapter so we can take it with us and use it in the car if I need to. Your local home health company should be able to provide one. My doctor wrote a scrip for mine and my insurance covered it. Best to you.
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    Suction Unit
    My doctor wrote out a script and my insurance picked it up. Ask your doctor to do the same. It might not cost you anything. But they are worth it. I used mine quite a bit during treatments. You were told correctly, makes it much easier. I was going to borrow one from work, but when the doc said I'll get you one, I didn't bother.
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    Suction Aspirator
    Great machine, I definitely could have not got along without it due to the heavy mucous problem I had. I used one for several months and either had it beside my recliner chair where I was most of the time and later in my bedroom beside the bed when I started using the bed again. Even took it a couple of times to my chemo and radiation treatments to suck out the mucous before I had treatments. Had a prescription and my insurance paid for this. There is some nasty stuff that you suck into this and its not very nice to look at . My wife who was my warrior throughout this and still is took care of keeping the machine cleaned out. By all means get one if you can.