Questions about being triple positive

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I am ER+/PR+, HER2
After a year of Herceptin, will I have to take an oral medication for 5 year?
Can someone share their experience please...
I am a newbie...I get port inserted Monday the 26...I start Chemo the following Monday the 2...My Med Oncologist an I will discuss my regimen/treatment on the same date it is dispense it...


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    This will be a question only your onc. will answer. I am triple positive also, and am on Femara. Because of the tiny size and way early stage, no chemo for me, so no Hercepten. Fought to get it, but to no avail...said that side effects outweighted the benefits.

    MOST hormone positive ladies either go on an AI, or Tamoxifen. Not all. Some refuse them completely after the other treatments are completed. Me, I took Femara because there was nothing else.

    Femara was easy for me. The side effects I had (except for the thinning hair) lessend with time. I was lucky and didn't have severe side effects.

    Hope this helps alittle. Come back and let us know how you are. Good luck to you on Monday.