surgery may be an option now!

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So the doctor explained everything. The tumor is still the same size, but much of it has died. The lymph node has shrank a ton and looks dead. They are trying to get the surgeon to reconsider surgery (they ruled it off immediately because of dad's history of stroke, seizures and sleep apnea). The surgeon is suppose to get in touch with us, but the doctor told us we would come back in three months. So... what if we don't get to have the surgery? Isn't three months too long to wait to start treatment again?


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    William knows what he is talking about
    Go to a cancer center yesterday! A second opinion is needed promptly. With such seemingly good results, you shouldn't be put on hold and permit the cancer to regain a foothold. While my husband had the more invasive surgery, if an MIE procedure had been an option, we would have chosen it. But, if the surgery can get rid of the problem, you have to do what it takes. There may be other factors that are impacting what course to take, but you need options to make an informed decision. My husband has sleep apnea and went through the surgery fine. You do have to be strong to undergo the more invasive procedure and recovery takes time; however, his cancer is gone. Hope you find some answers soon. Good Luck.
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    Hey Peachycream
    Thanks for

    Hey Peachycream
    Thanks for your dad update. I agree with William. Go, go, go, and get that surgery done! Three months will be too long. He could have the surgery done, and be well in those three months. Glad to hear that the tumors have shrunk and look dead. That is great news. Stay strong, do what has to be done. Best of luck. Keep in touch when you can. You are doing a great job!