Feelin a little insecure! :0

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Good morning! Woke up bright an early eager to read some posts regarding my hubbies elevated liver levels (posted last night). Darn... maybe I posted wrong. No replies yet?! Or maybe it's bad news and no one wants to post? Hmmmmm ... too much going through my mind. Thank you all for any input.


  • msccolon
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    you posted really early or late
    whichever way you want to look at it, I'm sure people are just getting going yet! Give it a little time! Hope you are doing well today.
  • karguy
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    On my last test 2wks ago,my liver levels were elavated also,but it is just a fatty liver.maybe you should talk to the dr.,mine said it would go away if I lost weight.I hope it helps.