One year today

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It was exactly a year ago when we found out dh had cancer, they had yet to determine it was ec but given where it was we knew. His treatment began the day after Labor Day and continued for 6 weeks, radation every day..chemo on Wed and radiation and Thursday and Friday, fluids and radiation..He lost 30 lbs which he has gained back.

He was never a candidate for surgery but was in a clinical trial...staged between 3 using a new staging and a 4 using an lymph node involved.

So far we have been to Vegas and met Betty Layne...and got back not long ago from a 15 day trip to Alaska...and are leaving tomorrow for Maine to see the grand kids.

His next scan is July 30th but up to now he's been clear.

It hasn't been easy, we often do not get along...been like this quite a makes it even more difficult. It's sort of a go your own way and meet somewhere in between...

But he's doing fine so far...we never know what the next day will bring, no one does..but like everyone else we go along making the best of each day.

So we've had a year with the beast..and since Dec it's been ok...never give up hope...pray often and help others along the way.

Everyone here is a great helper...but William goes above and beyond, encouraging, researching and scolding when necessary...and some times it's necessary...



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    so great you are traveling
    Hi Orion,
    What a journey you have had. I started mine around the same time, it will be a year on 7/30 that I was told I had esophageal cancer and I started my chemo right after Labor Day too. Did you like Alaska?? I went in 2007 and it is the best vacation I ever had for the sheer beauty and the wonderful people. Sorry that you and hubby are not having smooth sailing relationship wise but you sure do travel together a lot and that has to stand for something. Hope all will be clear for your hubby, just had my last one in July and it is clear no more till October. It is road we would not have picked but think it sure makes us grow and learn so much. You have been a great encourager yourself and lets hope hubby keeps clear forever. take care,