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My husband was diagnosis last month with cancer at the base of his tongue, he is also a diabetic which he controls with insulin daily. He starts his chemo tomorrow and radiation,we were told chemo once a week for 6 1/2 weeks for 4 hours and radiation for daily about 20 to 25 minutes. He has never been sick a day, and is the strongest person I know, but I am so scared, I can't tell me kids exactly how I feel because I don't whant them upset more then they have to be. I don't know where to turn its so overwhelming. He isn't a drinker, but was an occassional cigar smoker, I truly believe its enviromental. Anyone out there who may have answers. Really appreciate.


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    Jackie, I'm sorry for the circumstances that have brought you to this discussion forum but you will get a lot of information and support here.

    My partner is also a Diabetic although does not require insulin. He is 5 days from the end of treatment. His primary care MD has adjusted his Diabetes medicine once already.

    With Insulin, he'll need someone to keep a very close eye on his numbers. Use the Glucometer several times per day and report frequently to his Primary Care MD. The Oncologists just don't know how to balance all that needs balancing for a Diabetic. His goal is numbers in a near normal or slightly higher range. This may become very tricky as he looses weight and/or receives steroids with his chemo. His insulin may need to be adjusted as well as any oral glycolytics.

    In the end, better control will facilitate healing. His healing time could be extended quite a bit if problems with his blood sugar arise.

    They should also draw an HBA1C during treatment, at least midway.