Mother Joan has Questions

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Mom received her Doxil late Wednesday afternoon and she was very tired Thursday and was able to do what she had to do. Today (Saturday) she says she wasn't even up for taking the dog for a walk. Today she's been a bump on the log...she wants to know how long this will last.

Secondly, she has not had any mouth sores, no hand/foot issues either...but is concerned that shows up in 2 weeks.....

Do you guys have any feedback for her. I will cut and paste to her e-mail. Her name is Joan. And any other tips or positive stories about Doxil would be really helpful as well....

I will cut and paste as she is highly resistant to joining the board....but loves the notes I send to her....


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    I do not remember feeling overly fatigued. I did get a foot rash. Not sure when it started but it gradually got worse. Itchy skin, hyperpigmentation. Aquaphor helped alot with the dry skin on my feet and legs. Mouth sores were easily fixed with an oral rinse I got from the doctor.

    GOOD LUCK with the Doxil.
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    Dear Joan,
    I had doxil for 9 months. I did have some low energy days, for sure. My skin issues didn't show up until the 2nd or 3 rddose of chemo, and it came on gradually. The main thing is to keep your body cool and not wear anything tight. I stopped wearing my bra, and got some loose vests etc to wear over shirts. But, if I did decide to wear one, sure enough I got a red rashy spot under my chest. I think we are all different, and react differently. Any of the chemo can give you low energy days, so just take it a day at a time.

    Wishing the very best!

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    Clinical Trial Nurse

    A clinical trial nurse called me Friday to tell me what I COULD expect from doxil. Mostly she said it would effect my skin and mouth. To watch the temperature of bath water, doing dishes,etc. Temperature of what goes in my mouth - coffee, pizza, soups, etc. Spicy foods, salty foods, acid foods, etc.

    No alcohol or alcohol based mouth washes. If mouth sores first try baking soda, ambosol, biotene, or if needed prescription for mouth rinse.

    Shoes - well ventilated and comfortable, no flip flops. Watch repetitive motions with hands and feet so they do not become red, start peeling or blister.

    Sports bra instead of underwire. Loose clothing. If in sun at all use sunscreen and hat, be careful of sun through car windows.

    Showers - do not rub skin b/c of friction, use gentle soap like dove

    Moisture skin - use eucrin cream or balm/udder cream (now in pet dep't under veterinary balm).

    Ice packs or frozen vegetables on hands or feet if too hot, red, etc.

    Those are what could happen. But she also said that usually you DO NOT get nauseated on doxil. Which would be great. On cisplatin I lost 10 pounds, but I have gained 8 back in these last 3 months with no chemo!!

    Let you know what REALLY happens next week!