Newly diagnosed kidney cancer.

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Hi, my name is Judy.
I have recently been diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma and underwent a nephrectomy last week. I also had a metastatic neck lymph node removed. I am due to see an Oncologist neck week and am petrified that she is going to suggest Chemotherapy.All the research I have done on RCC indicates that chemotherapy and radiotherapy does not work, The preferred drug of choice appears to be Sutent. Does anyone else have any experience with Renal Cell Carcinoma and its treatment?


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    hi judy, I have also had a
    hi judy, I have also had a kidney removed and now the cancer has spread to my lungs and thyroid. my cancer at this point is growing very slow and the onocoligist is just watching it. I am told that if it starts to grow faster i will begin the sutent which i have a bottle on hand. the sutent was very expensive, in the thousands a bottle so i had to apply to the drug company for it and got it. i feel fearful all the time not knowing when things will take a turn for the worst. i am interested what your doctor will say next week and wish you luck. they say people seem to have a better outcome the longer the time between the orginal tumor and mets. it seems to me that there seems to be alot more treatment options with other cancers inwhich kidney cancer seems to be resistent to. i dont know if this is good or bad. good luck!!!!!
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    My name is Robin and I am a
    My name is Robin and I am a 7 year RCC survivor. In Sept. 2003 I had my right kidney removed. I was cancer free for 2 years and then it metastasized to a lymph node not far from where the kidney was removed. That was Jan. 2006 and Nexavar was the only drug approved by the FDA to fight RCC. My tumor responded to Nexavar however, my side effects were sooooo severe I was off the drug in 5 months. I then enrolled in a couple of clinical trials, failing one and eventually becoming successful in the other. It was a phase 1 trial with 13 people. I was lucky 13. I had what was left of the tumor surgically removed in Jan 08. I was NED (no evidence of disease) for 1 year then it started growing again in the tumor bed. I have been on 37 1/2 mg of Sutent since Jan 1 and the tumor is definitely dying. Not there yet but on its way. My side effects aren't too bad. I suggest you go see an oncologist that specializes in the kidney. They are up on the latest treatments. RCC doesn’t respond to traditional chemo or radiation.