5-FU and chloroquine (CQ), an anti-malarial drug:

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An article at 7th space.com, "Chloroquine potentiates the anti-cancer effect of 5-florouracil on colon cancer cells" cites a study of the ability of CQ, when added to 5-FU to overcome the loss of effectiveness over time of 5-FU......Does not mention combos such as FOLFOX, which also contains 5-FU.......Also, another study has shown that most of us (with CRC) have a low amount of Vitamin D in our bodies, like 97%!!!!!(when I told this to radiologist yesterday she replied that onc (who I see tomorrow)is probably going to start testing for Vit D too-they both knew of this too)......steve

Just read another report that for 15 out of 100 with CRC 5-FU will not prove beneficial due to whats known as defective mismatch repair(dMMR).....current issue of C3 Research Update


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    Thanks for the info, Steve- I always find new info and insights interesting and helpful.

    Lisa :)